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Lottery Round #28
Lottery Prize: 1,000,000.00 Bits
MoreMoney Running Days:  

🎯At first, MoreMoney was started with a team included 3 people, but now 9 people are working directly in the team, with more than 15 years of experience. And new ones are being added to the team.

🔷 As you were informed in November, unfortunately, the FucetHub website, one of the most important and basic cryptocurrency micropayment websites, announced on December 10th that due to respect privacy of users, which is one of the main reasons for creating cryptocurrencies will shut down its micropayment service.

🔶 During this time, according to the criteria that were prioritized for the MoreMoney team (included the privacy and security of users' money) there were many options that unfortunately none of the existing services could satisfy the management team.
Because we don't want to choose a temporary service and return to where we are now, after a few months.

🔷 Problems that are currently present for the Faucethub, for each of the existing systems may arise. But there is one difference. by our current knowledge, neither of the existing services, have the tact of Mexicantarge (manager of Faucethub) under similar circumstances. So we should be looking for a permanent, not temporary way in force. because changing the payment system has a great deal of financial loss for MoreMoney users, especially if the system fails and We will hold ourselves responsible.

🔶 We had to choose a way that we would not have to change in the future according to the policy of the legislators until the micropayment system could have all of our factors. So we chose the best and most powerful cryptocurrency in the world for now: Bitcoin

🔷 Because Bitcoin is the best and it respects the privacy of its users.
For this decision, the first challenge is the minimum withdraw, which currently was 400,000 Satoshi, which will change to 25,000 Satoshi.

🔶 The second challenge is the transaction fees, which according to the technical capability of our team, we will minimize it. We will also allocate a budget from MoreMoney income, to pay the fees. So users' requests are paid without fees. By making this decision, some changes will be made on the site to improve user revenue and transparency in the coming days.

🔷 Plenty of meetings have been held for this decision and of course, it will be the start of new changes in the industry.

🔮 In the coming days, we will give you new details of our decisions...


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