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Lottery Round #28
Lottery Prize: 1,000,000.00 Bits
MoreMoney Running Days:  

log in after registration and select shortlinks in the top menu and then select visit shortlinks.

On this page you can see all of the shortlinks and by visiting each of them, you will earn some defined Bits.

before visiting the shortlinks, Make sure that your ads block option is off (some explorers or Antiviruses have Ads block option).

Note1: you can't visit all of the Shortlinks with each other.
Note2: Moremoney uses a security system that traces your activity and if your performance differs from the specified function, the defined Bits will not be yours.

the steps of earning Bits by visiting the shortlinks will be explained with the help of this example.
Click one of the green visit buttons.
 in the opened tab you must prove that you aren't a robot by completing the captcha and wait.

in the new opened page you should wait until the timer runs out and then click on the green "Get Link" button and you will be returned to the MoreMoney website.

congratulations, you received defined Bits.
Note: Some of these shortlinks may have pop-up ads.

With the same performance, you can visit all of the shortlinks and earn more Bits.

you can visit each of them every 24 hours.

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